My name is John Major. I created Daylily Informatics to begin consulting in the field I love. If you have challenges I might be able to assist with finding solutions for, please ping me! I have variously worn the hats of a Scientist, Engineer, Lab Manager, Director, Librarian, and Team Lead in my career to date. While in these roles I’ve excelled at quickly navigating problem spaces to find existing solutions(in this field, the answer is already generally waiting in the literature) or build novel ones. Spaces I’m comfortable in: software engineering, HPC, bioinformatics, clinical lab operations, clinical lab regulatory and compliance, process automation, LIMS+ & startup culture. The domain I’ve spent most of my time in is genomic informatics (clinical and research) with a healthy dose of ecology and startup fostering.

Daylily Informatics

Daylily Informatics was also formed with the express aim of contributing back to the open source software community. The name is chosen in honor of Margaret Oakley Dahoff, who was not only the mother AND father of Bioinformatics, but also an open source software pioneer herself: publishing, in 1962, Comprotein: a computer program to aid primary protein structure determination. Pretty rad. I will share occasional thoughts and slick techniques in this blog, and will release software as I create tools that may be of wider interest. Thanks for reading.